Learning, always learning.

You know how much I like to make lists with repetitive beginning phrases and irrelevant points. So I give you the top ten things I learned from working with you guys.

10. I learned how to answer phones. That’s apparently a skill that not a lot of people know how to do. So now I have a leg up on many job scramblers.

9. I’ve learned that nothing beats Starbucks (thank you, Jonathan).

8. I’ve learned how to influence business’ swag via Facebook and Twitter. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to learn more of, and I’m glad JB Chicago gave me more insight to social media.  The publication right now has no online influence, and that’s going to change, thanks to my social media experience over the summer.

7. I’ve learned how to defend myself when I’m on Facebook or Stumble Upon during work (“Yes, I SWEAR I’m working. This is for the good of the publication’s online presence!’)

6. I’ve learned how to dress cute for work, even at 8 in the morning. Thank you to Carly, Sara and Christina: my inspirations.

5. I’ve learned what a monk fruit is. Strangely enough, I’ve been hearing about it constantly now.

4. I’ve learned how to spell, and how to utilize AP style effectively. Sara, you were right: I needed for JOUR 420. Coincidentally, I also need it for my current internship, so, again, thank you.

3. I’ve learned how to write blog posts. Clearly. (I mean…hopefully you agree. Otherwise, I’m going to feel like a real tool-head.)

2. I’ve learned that I want to live in Chicago. For. Ever. Or, at least for a couple of years after Chicago.

1. I’ve learned that sometimes, you need to explore different internships and career paths. I’m still interested in working with magazine publications, but now I’m also interested in marketing, or at least, marketing concepts. This broadening of choices is scary, but good, and I’m grateful you guys taught me that.


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